Fly & Smile

Save up to 70% on dental procedures!


Dentaly offers a wide range of dental work ,innovative

methods and techniques, such as 



  • Crowns from 200$ -complex (cermet)

  • Crowns on implants 300$

  • Veneers and linings from 400$ per tooth


Dental implants

  • Implants from 350$ (Korea, Israel, Switzerland)

  • All in 4 from 1000$ 

  • Bone grafting, sinus lifting from 1000$

  • Removal of teeth of any complexity from 50$



  • Seal from 30$

  • Root canal treatment from 100$

  • Periodontal treatment from 20$ per tooth


Dental treatment in a dream

  • Only 100$ per hour (all the necessary treatment will be done while You are sleeping. This will make all the procedures totally painless)




  • Profgigien from 70$

  • Teeth whitening from 100$

  • Hollywood smile (veneers) from 400$ per tooth


Anti-Age & Aesthetic 


  • Contour plastic $ 350

  • Correction of nasolabial folds $ 350

  • Chin Correction $ 230

  • Correction of the chin fold 220 $

  • Plasma lifting face / neckline $ 150



is a new, one of a kind company that specializes in dental tourism specifically from Israel to Ukraine.

We have a range of clinics in Kiev, Lviv and Odessa that are ready to welcome you and provide a full diagnostic and dental care plan that would work best for you, depending on your budget.


The best part is - our dental services allow you to save up to 70% on dental care, in comparison to prices for the same services in Israel.

Dentaly has a strong program for Pediatric Dentistry as well. Our specialists have great experience in working

with children, using innovative, fun, pain-free methods that will allow your child to finally turn the dentist visit

experience into a positive one!

Why Dentely? 

dentist (2).png

We give complete online dental diagnostics from Israel to Ukraine


We offer assistance in travel, hotel booking and making your trip as comfortable as possible.


We help create a long term dental work plan and schedule for you and your family

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We have some of the best doctors, clinics , equipment and materials

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Our prices are up to 70% cheaper than any clinic in Israel


We give 100% guarantee of product quality from world known brands


How it works?


1. Making an appointment

Pick a date and time or leave Your contact info for our manager to schedule a CT in your nearest location

3. Ticket and hotel booking

Our managers will arrange booking of tickets, hotel and etc. 

5. Treatment

Build Your perfect smile with our highly qualified specialists in the top dental clinics of Ukraine 

2. Consultation

Discuss Your personal treatment plan which will be recommended by our specialists

4. Travel 

Travel to Ukraine for medical treatment on Your scheduled date and time 

6. Leisure

Enjoy the free time you have in between doctors appointments in the wonderful cities of Ukraine such as Lviv, Odessa and Kiev. 

7. Departure to home

Return to Israel with a healthy perfect smile, great memories and new friends!


Step 1

Schedule a CT to complete a top-bottom photo of your teeth and jaw in order to receive a dental work plan and price consultation.

Fill out the form below, and select the most suitable time, date and city for completing your CT.


The information is sent. Thanks!

Step 2

Get a detailed consultation, build a

professional treatment plan,

and choose comfortable travel dates

Step 3

Reach your destination to 

receive fast and high quality dental care 

Step 4

Return to Israel,

scheduling follow-up treatment with local doctor,

if needed

Contact form

Please fill out the form below to get in touch with one of our managers, who will guide you through the complete process of creating your dental care plan. 

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